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Creative acrylic products are our specialty, Mosier Acrylic, offers assistance to make your own decorating vision a reality.

We will work with you on your design. With 29 years of custom acrylic fabrication and design, we can offer insights, into your ideas.

You can show us:

  • Your own rough sketch that you want created.
  • Acrylic items you’ve seen elsewhere, send pictures, drawings

We will try our best to work within your time frame. Reliable communications are additional benefits of our manufacturing.

We offer you:

  •  Solutions – tell us what you need in function, aesthetics, budget and we will come up with a design.
  •  Expertise – we have extremely talented fabricators, who can bring your ideas to life. From concept to “there it is”. We have a very good client base, of reorders.
  • Time savings – when a designer/architect comes to us early in the process, we can work through any problems. Give us a call first.

Call Today at 713-467-5458

We’re standing by to provide personal attention and get your order started for custom acrylic tables, furniture, and accent pieces.

It can often help if you send us your images, photos, sketches, ideas or questions prior to our discussion. Be sure to include all of your contact information, and we will work up a quote.